Star2Billing ( is proud to announce the release of their latest product, Newfies-Dialer (, a free and open source voice broadcast application for Freeswitch to enable the automated delivery of interactive phone calls to contacts, clients and the general public.

Voice Broadcasting is a powerful business tool to automate phone calls for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotion, debt control, IVR campaigns, phone voting and surveys, automated teleconferencing and to relay vital information to your contacts over the phone.

Although Newfies-Dialer can be installed in house on a single server, it has messaging support allowing distributed call processing across multiple cloud servers to make millions of outbound calls per day.

The comprehensive web interface allows every aspect of the campaign to be controlled with management and customer reports on aspects of the campaign.

Newfies-Dialer is a multi-user system so that multiple campaigns can be run simultaneously for numerous customers who can each manage their campaigns individually, thus making it suitable for service providers wishing to provide voice broadcast services.

The Newfies-Dialer Voice Broadcasting Platform is assembled entirely from free and open source components including Freeswitch, Django, Plivo, Celery and RabbitMQ.

For more details on Newfies-Dialer including comprehensive installation guides, an automated install script, user manuals and developer’s documentation view