Star2Billing, the commercial arm of A2Billing the Open Source VoIP Switch and Billing Application, has launched its new website.

The new site is designed to assist customers to select the appropriate solution for their needs, as well as give a detailed overview of the type of products that A2Billing, often blended with other applications, can provide.

The website is divided into two main areas, Solutions and Products. The Solutions pages list the products that you may want to sell to your customers, such as VoIP services, Calling Cards, Hosted PBX systems, etc, and then link to the Star2Billing products that will be most appropriate to your needs.
We have kept the pricing of our most popular bundle, the Managed Install, the same as before. This bundle of installation, training and support is the quickest way to get started with A2Billing for those wishing to start their own Telco, or those established telecoms companies who want to take advantage of the range of different products services that A2Billing can provide to your customers.
We look forward to your comments on the new website, and hope we can assist you with our installation, training, and consultancy services.
The Star2Billing Team.
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