A2Billing 1.8.1 – http://www.asterisk2billing.org

A2Billing 1.8.1 has been released. It includes the usual round of bug fixes, as well as some new call-back features sponsored by our customers, one being the way we answer the call to make A2Billing more compatible with Mobile Phone Call-Back Dialler software, and another feature called IVR call-back, where the customer is prompted for the number to call first, then the system calls them back and connects them. This feature was designed to circumvent tone clamping which some operators use to prevent call-back services from working.

Additionally, A2Billing has been updated to support PHP 5.3, one of the reasons for this is that Star2Billing are adopting Ubuntu LTS 10.0.4 Server edition as the base operating system for our commercial installs. Initial tests on this new operating system have been very pleasing.

CDR-Stats 1.1.0 – http://www.cdr-stats.org

Some months ago, we released version 1 of CDR-Stats, to replace the 8 year old Asterisk–Stat. Development of CDR-Stats has continued apace, and we are now pleased to release version 1.1.0

This release includes a number of new features, including Concurrent Calls, and an interactive Global Statistics feature, as well as ACL login to restrict which CDR a user can see and what he can do. Additionally, CDR can be imported from other systems and CDR-Stats used to analyse the CDR. We will be releasing shell scripts to assist anyone who wants to install this for themselves on their own PBX and Asterisk installations. Watch the news at www.star2billing.com for more details on these as they are released.

Astricon 2010 – http://www.astricon.net

Star2Billing have been given an Open Source desk by Digium at Astricon in Washington this year, and both Joe and Areski will be attending. We would be pleased to meet any of our customers and users, past present or future. Drop us an email at [email protected] to arrange to meet.

VoIP2Day 7th October 2010 – http://www.voip2day.net/

Star2Billing have been invited to speak on their popular IP-Centrex and Multi-Tenant PBX solution at the VoIP2Day conference in Madrid, and will be giving an overview of how this product is assembled out of Open Source components including A2Billing.

The Village Telco Project – http://www.villagetelco.org

Areski is flying down to South Africa this week to see the official launch of the Village Telco Project which is sponsored by the Shuttleworth Foundation. To read more about Mesh Potatoes, and the purpose of this charity, seehttp://www.villagetelco.org/. Star2Billing have done a lot of development of A2Billing to assist this project, the most recent of which was to introduce an IVR so you could phone your A2Billing platform and hear the daily statistics in terms of calls, minutes, and profit.


At the end of this month, Star2Billing S.L. celebrates one year of trading, while A2Billing has been going for nearly 6 years now, and CDR-Stats (formerly known as Asterisk-stat) about 8 years. We are going from strength to strength as you may infer from this lengthy newsletter; so we offer our thanks to the continued support of our Community and our Customers. That’s all for now, keep an eye on Twitter (@a2billing), our forums, and our new Star2Billing News Page athttp://www.star2billing.com/posts/ for recent developments.