Star2Billing S.L. The creators of the open source Telecom Switch and Billing system, A2Billing, are pleased to announce a brand new release of CDR-Stats (formerly known as Asterisk-Stat).

CDR-Stats is a free – in both senses of the word – web based CDR (Call Data Records) display and analysis application and is licensed under the AGPL. An optional commercial license to allow the incorporation of CDR-Stats into proprietary products, where an Open Source license may be incompatible, is also available.

Previous versions of CDR-Stat, although popular as a standalone CDR analyser for Asterisk, have also been incorporated into proprietary and open source applications, most notably as the CDR display and analysis section of FreePBX, which has been downloaded over 5 million times, and is estimated to be in use in half a million PBX systems all over the world.

CDR-Stats has been renamed from Asterisk-Stat to reflect the fact that it can be developed to be telephony engine agnostic, and development is currently underway to support Freeswitch. Other telephony engines may be added as demand dictates.

CDR-Stats is built using the open source Django python based framework which enables the building of clean, maintainable web applications, and encourages rapid development with a clean and pragmatic design, which in turn, we hope  will encourage community support and development of CDR-Stats.

More information, documentation and installation guides for CDR-Stats can be found at and commercial support and installation services are available from Star2Billing S.L.


The Star2Billing Team.